Caitlyn Jenner voted for Trump for president, as she is a lifelong Republican …

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Youre not a Republican, and youre not voting for Trump. You dont know a single one of the celebrities who voted for Trump, and youre not even sure if youre a Democrat or a Republican at this point. Theres no way you can vote for this man, no matter what you feel about him. You feel sick to your stomach, and you begin to have second thoughts about putting yourself through this ordeal. Dude, you need to go, you say. Yeah, but my feelings on Trump are pretty much irrelevant. I just feel like I shouldnt be associated with something that glorifies racism, misogyny, and xenophobia, you say. But isnt that our job as Americans to hate our enemies and fight for whats right. But my feelings about Trump arent the most important thing. I just really hope youre not voting for the devil in the form of this man whos going to bring the end of civilization as we know it. If a man like him can make America great again, then thats the greatest thing thats ever happened in this country. We need to put our differences aside and support the current leader, despite him being a bigot. If we dont, were doomed as a great nation. Hope everything works out for you in the future. The three of you stand in the entrance to the Republican Party headquarters, and soon find yourself at the counter, where the lady at the counter recognizes you and introduces herself. So, are you two new Republicans or something. No, were just here to vote for whoever the Republican candidate is. We all got registered as Republicans around the same time. Oh, its been a big three-man race, and its Mr. Trump against Libertarian Gary Johnson, Green Jill Stein, and Constitution Party candidate Darrell Castle. So, which one of these guys do you want to vote for the next president. Or should I remind you that its the final day and you have to cast a provisional ballot.

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which celebrities voted for trump