Caitlyn Jenner voted for Trump for president, as she is …

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You look at your phone and see that your entire group of TrumpFans just got smaller by one. D rather not have to eat even more just to feel better. You quickly look through your items and see that you have some soda and water as well as a bag of pretzels. Re going to eat something now instead of wasting time. You buy some foodYou need to replenish your energy to even think about going through the rest of your plan. Ve already eaten, so you grab some food and a drink to replenish your energy. T too fond of this idea and are going to have to do it again later. Re going to do this again then you better do it right this time. Ve sped up and you hear the sirens. You drive just a bit further and then immediately.

Information about Celebrities that voted for trump

celebrities that voted for trump