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You sit down and think, oh how I wonder what the celebrities bra sizes are. However, before you can start, you get a knock on the door. Jenny looks pretty annoyed by your request, so you decide to be more direct. Re the same Jenny that lived with me for a while. T see each other for a long time, but we did talk on the phone a couple of times. I had to move out when she was in college though, so I never spoke to her again. Jenny seems surprised you even know who Jenny is, let alone remember her. S kind of long name, but I think I remember you from the phone book. Hm, I think I remember you too, but I think I just heard your voice for the first time a long time ago. You say before Jenny can ask more questions. His daughter took over his business which was running a liquor store in town. You say and hand her a piece of paper.

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