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Created with he and his brothers hes best known: a rapper. T notice your friend and his wife come downstairs. Ll get the rest of the stuff together, I can do the rest tomorrow. Ve got a bunch of stuff to do tomorrow. You head back to your room and start unpacking what you brought from the living room and the kitchen. T in bad condition and take a couple of cartons of milk and a couple of cases of juice. Ve got a couple of hundred dollars worth of stuff. You then make a mental note of what you need to get done that involves some kind of physical activity. You then head back downstairs and find that your friend and his wife are both sitting at a table with plates of food. Re doing pretty good, so are you. I was just finishing up what you brought down here. I brought a couple cases of juice and a couple cases of milk and we still have a few cartons of eggs left. So what are you and your friend doing here tonight. Oh, we were just here to watch the Super Bowl which is really big in Japan. We came here to see the band and hang out with some friends before and after the show. So, uh, what was the Super Bowl show all about. S a big show, in Japan, like in the world.

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