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In many ways, 2017 marked the end of an era and that era of celebrity death was truly unprecedented. It wasnt just the usual suspects like Michael J. Fox, Jerry Lewis, and Robin Williams who died. It was a few actors you never expected to see on our list who tragically died in 2017. The list of deaths, and the circumstances of the deaths, are listed below:Updated 04122017 Last update was 04122017This blog post was originally written in November of 2017 and has been regularly updated since then. There has been a lot of speculation about celebrities who died in 2017. When we started this exercise back in 2011, we didnt have the resources to do a statistical study like we do with the most popular deaths on this site. So, this list is purely based on what we could gather from the internet and from the news. While we dont feel comfortable making the list officially complete, we feel that its accurate and it contains a good representation of all the deaths that happened this year. As has often been the case in the past, it seems that deaths of this magnitude are more prevalent in years of severe financial distress in the entertainment industry. In fact, the last time any celebrities died during such a period of financial distress was in 1946. We dont know for certain if this is due to the industrys current age or if it has been happening forever, but we feel its worth mentioning. Of course, were not the only ones who think this is happening now. Last year, some people thought that The Walking Dead was ending in 2017. Others thought that a major celebrity death was imminent. In fact, were still wondering whether this really will be the year of celebrity death. You might be thinking that these deaths arent as notable as some of the deaths weve come across on this blog. And then theres the fact that theyre all dead. The list below includes all deaths of celebrities that we could find. Its not complete, the list is always evolving, and it isnt a complete count of celebrities that died in 2017. But, its a list we feel is representative of the celebrities that died in 2017. If any of the names on the list need to be updated, feel free to update them. If you have any additional deaths to add to the list, feel free to do so and well update the list. Weve also included a list of our personal favorite celebrities that we think died in 2017. If you disagree with our choice, dont hesitate to comment or even contact us on Twitter. As many have noticed, this list is slightly different than the list we posted last year.

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what celebrities died in 2017