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She left the business: to work as a secretary at a private international consulting company. She was not allowed to play anymore, She had tos disappear. She was attacked with an unknowns weapon by somebody while sleeping.

Shes been a fan of movies since she was very young, and shes always been a bit of a movie buff. Shes really into music and plays the guitar a bit. She really enjoys chatting with fans, and doing it on a regular basis. Shes mostly a fan of anime, but even she cant resist a good drama. Shes a bit shy, but theres not much stopping her from being social. She thinks that the fact that shes got brown hair and blue eyes is adorable, and that she looks really cute with her ponytail. She really loves reading, and likes to read light novels. She really likes talking anime and manga, and enjoys drawing cute girls. She loves playing games, and has enjoyed playing the piano and typing a bit. Shes very good, but can be a bit shy. Shes a real good friend and great partner. Ll really enjoy having her around. If you like cute girls, this girl is the one. If you like dark and brooding characters, this girl is definitely for you. The woman that answered the door doesnt look quite as downtrodden as you do, she does look a little irritated though. M going to get out of your hair, unless you want this guy with you or if you can get someone else. The woman turns and walks away like a headless chicken.

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