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TheWeirdOne 1 point 23 hours agoOh, I didnt know about that. You try to get to the bottom of what is really going on hereIll try to do that, but as Ive been saying, it seems like everything is going on at once. Everyone is under the same influence, including you. Maybe its not a good time to worry about that right now. You need to get a clear head and figure out what is going on and what is really important right now. Since you cant trust anybody, you decide to just keep a low profile and keep to yourself. You figure if you start doing something you get pulled in more completely. You dont go out and do anything. You dont get into arguments, go to parties, hang out at the places where you would normally go out and socialize. You just live in your house, try to keep out of the way of people who can do a lot more damage, and do your own thing. A couple of years pass and everything is settled down. You try to keep yourself occupied by writing your fiction and trying to forget about the rest of the world and everything that is going on. Two years go by and you realize youre starting to get paranoid. You dont know how you missed it before, but after those two years, you start noticing when people start to get strange. You dont take any of this seriously, but something definitely is going on with you. Two or three people start saying odd things to you. You go outside one day and feel weird. You have these involuntary shivers, a strange feeling in the pit of your stomach, and suddenly you cant move. You feel like you might pass out, but you resist the urge. You might as well just go outside and take one of those drugs if you want to get any more information out of yourself. You go outside, but are unable to break free from the drug, so you stand still with your arms raised in the air. The strange thing is that you feel like youve been here before. You cant say for certain, but you just get the feeling that this is the same place, with the same people. Your friends were joking about one another during the party you went to, but you were just the odd one. You know for sure that something is very wrong, but you dont know what. You feel like you might be about to lose control of yourself and you can try to stop yourself from doing so, but you dont want to because your whole life has been going.

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