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Thats the terrifying reality that women in South Korea face as they prepare for the likely possibility of a female candidate for president in the countrys upcoming presidential election this year. As a result, women have taken it upon themselves to form an informal support network to help one another get through the election. Our country needs a woman to do a job is the official slogan of the Womens Alliance in Korean Politics, a group that is campaigning for a woman to run for the presidency. The Womens Alliance in Korean Politics plans to form a network of support women to help with potential gender-based violence in the months leading up to the election. The group, which is made up of several women, announced its establishment in August, the month after reports surfaced that Trump made sexual advances during a deposition he gave in a lawsuit against the now-defunct magazine, Playgirl. Their first meeting was at a Korean barbecue restaurant in New York Citys Park Slope neighborhood where they bonded over their shared concerns and they have since met weekly. In their groups formation, the leader is an organizer and activist named Kim Hyeyeon who said in an email from New York, The Alliance was formed as a women-oriented alternative to the political parties because our country needs a woman to do a job. We want women in Korea to be able to take care of their families and take control of their fate, not being dependent on men for a living, for the good of our country. And while women may not be able to run for president, they could take on another high-profile positionThe group wants to have a woman do a job like they did in the mid-1980s where some of them worked for the U. Kim Sang-hee, one of the members, tells DailyMail. Com that they have already met with the countrys National Election Commission, Korea Elect, and they plan on meeting with South Korean police and other officials. The Alliances campaign will focus on three areas: the need for women to have equal rights and to have equal responsibilities; women to be able to have their own lives without worrying about their husbands going to war and the need for women to have greater participation in policymaking and government. The group said that they will also emphasize that the next president will decide if there is going to be peace in the military, peace in the economy and peace in society.

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