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By TheHottestFilipino Films created – 23 May 2014 updated – 26 Jul 2018 Public. By theweddingbuddies created – 17 Oct 2014 updated – 28 Feb 2019 Public. By Paparazzi created – 17 Aug 2013 updated – 29 Oct 2017 Public. By RaveCats created – 18 Sep 2014 updated – 11 Jul 2018 Public. How do you know about our little secret. S been such a long time since anyone has made any statement of that sort. Now I think we should just bask in the glory of our newly famous state. You think we might not need any more movies, and could do with a change in subject. We probably could do something more interesting than just making movies about people living in your little town. We already got a film about this town, what about more films about other towns. I mean you know this town better than anyone. S friends seemed to think its a good idea. You need to get some outsiders to do this. I dunno, I think this film will be about the people, not the place.

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