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Youve been working on your calls as you crammed your butt back in. This is an important weekend, but were working on these funny headshots. The sun was shining in the sky, making her smile every time. That was the beauty of a day out in the sun, the beauty of being comfortable. A girl whos comfortable with herself was more likely to be a more contented girl. Hm, you look like you should really stretch those legs, girl, she thought as she walked around a big pile of stones. Youre gonna look like a greased pig, but I gotta look like a chick, she thought as she looked over at a young and pretty man who was trying to impress some girl. I feel like youre always looking over my shoulder, she thought as she moved her eyes towards a group of girls. Just when she noticed a couple of them werent paying as much attention to her as they were to the boys attempt at seduction, she thought she caught a glimpse of the girl on the left. Like shes going for the guy over there. What a momentary lapse in concentration, but it was enough to catch the brunettes attention. Fuck, I shouldve been looking behind me. She whispered to herself as she took out her phone.

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