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You can either move Forward Or Backward. You move Forward You stand there stunned. You stand there staring at the door of the bathroom. Youre not wearing any underwear; in fact your dick and balls are hanging out. You look more like a woman than a man, but not quite naked. A tall well-dressed man stands in the doorway, watching as you stand there, completely and utterly exposed. He stands there staring at you, then turns to the rest of the bathroom. Alright, fuckers, lets get this show on the road. Weve got a new celebrity to fucking see. The man steps forward and takes over the microphone. Its a great shame shes not in the studio right now, seeing as shes been wanting to get on the fucking set since last night. The door to the bathroom opens and a well-dressed young man steps out into the hallway. You want to do an interview with me, sir. Im sure my company could spare a couple of extra guards. You say I think I need a shower first, and Id really appreciate it if my clothes came back to me. The guard lets you walk past him, and you enter a small but nicely-equipped bathroom. The door slams shut behind you, shutting out the world. The two guards in black uniformed suits return from the hallway. They both turn and walk back to the door to the corridor. I was just thinking, with all the media attention were getting, I wonder what my life wouldve been like if Id never appeared on the Oprah show. Tanners, you were on the Oprah show the day after your eighteenth birthday. I met Oprahs producer, so I became a professional makeup artist.

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