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What makes YOU think that Im going to be interested in hot female celebrities. Betty: Because were fans and our own fan boysgirls are a lot of fun. You want to get to the part where I ask you out on a date. You asked me out on a date a long time ago and Im the first one to say it never goes over very well right. What, are you some old, bitter guy who cant get any girls. Betty: Well, I can see that was an interesting way to start our meeting. You: I still dont see how this is going to help my career. Youre a busy man and youve got other shit to do. You storm out of Bettys office slamming the shutters shut. Betty: Man, you sure are one fast moving wreck. Betty, you need to step your game up. You slam the door shut and start to leave. You: I dont want to talk about the job anymore. When Im not here, things are gonna get messy. You: Youre not the only one who can screw things up, you know. You argueYou: No, Im not going to argue with you. You slam the door shut and start to stomp your feet. You: Im not going out there and taking the fall for everything thats gone wrong. You: Ive been putting my head down and carrying on like nothings wrong. Why should I have to put up with all your problems. When have you ever ever done me a goddamn service, YOU woman. Youve never even spent any time at all talking to me about how I feel. You dont know shit about me, who I am. You: And YOU are the reason why your father.

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