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As of today, 2014, some celebrities who lived their as of todaythe new year are as following: Caitlyn Jenner: Jennifer Lawrence: Miley Cyrus: John Legend: Blake Lively: Zachary Quinto: Ellen Page: Chris Hemsworth: Sandra Bullock: Tom Hanks: Also, I did not plan this particle of sunlight by the stars coming out as a LGBQ person as soon as they came out as the 1st year, this year as the new year was 2010. This particle of sunlight by the stars comes from my heart. -Kylie I hope you have good night soon I cant wait for you-Kylie The following is the email conversation that Kylie is in the middle of. Kylie, I think its pretty obvious that the day has come when you NEED to come out as a gay person. Im telling you right now, I think its a good idea for all of us to come out as gay people. I think the world needs more gay people. I also think its a good idea for you, as a prominent gay voice in pop music. I think that you should come out of the closet as a gay person now. Since you cant win if you stay closeted, Im sure that youll realize that its the right thing to do. Im glad youre so willing to make this change for the good of all of us. Now, I expect you to come out of the closet. Im sure that my love for you will enable me to find ways to come out to you. If itll get you into my good graces, I suppose Ill take the time to come out as a gay person then. Youre going to have to come out of the closet on your own. Re going to have to if you want to be in my world when I get out of here anyways.

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