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Year-2018You could probably do this for every city in the USA. Plus you could do it for places like London, France and Germany and other major cities in all the other countries that are part of this world too. You could start an army of robots to help with this task. You create a virus to destroy the worldYou could create a virus that was capable of destroying the world. You would need to create a virus that could destroy the world and spread it through the Internet. If you could send one into the world, you could do a lot with it. You could do it, even if just to cause a small war. You write a scriptYou can send a script into the world. It would be sent through the Internet and then sent to all people on Earth, or to the people who lived on Earth. The script would be a little complex, but its simple enough that anyone could read it and understand it. You could create a virus, but it would probably take too long, or you could go to the next step and simply use the Internet to create one. You could send the virus into the world through the Internet or through a device such as a satellite. The virus would infect electronic things on the Earth, such as weapons, or machines, or other electronic equipment, and cause them to malfunction. You could send the virus either on its own, or via another. This would be most effective if you sent it on its own, because then all the electronic things on the Earth.

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