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You might also consider a house in Key Biscayne. Odds are your kids and grandkids wont even need to have a house of their own and youll have so much free money leftover that you can buy your first vacation home in Key West, Florida. And, your house will probably only be in the most desirable areas of Florida, Key West and Fort Lauderdale. You go with your gut feelingYoure an idiot if you dont do what what your gut tells you when it comes to the economy. Youve never had a real job before and you dont want to start now. You could probably still do something useful for somebody else if you took the money and ran. Then again, with your degree in economics, you could just do something else with your life, like becoming an artist or writer. In fact, you should get serious about changing your life. Youre not going to enjoy working as many dead-end jobs in corporate America ever again. You go and start your own businessIt seems like youve always been an entrepreneur. Youve run into a couple of business ideas, but you always backtracked. There was always another idea, another problem to solve. You need your freedom from being tied down to the corporate world. You need to be out in the open air, doing something youre passionate about. Perhaps running a small food truck would be an adventure. Your kids will love you more if youre in the outdoors, even if it turns out not to be a panacea for all of your concerns. Food and agriculture provide the majority of the food that humankind depends on. If anything were to be done about climate change, were going to need all the food we can get. Food production requires an enormous amount of resources. Then again, youre not sure if you want to be running around in a tiny food truck, or what. You have your own mobile home, you have a trailer, and you have vehicles for your travels. You think about your kids over at least. Your kids dont need anything you have right now. If anything, you should be spending those resources on them right now. You may well spend most of it enjoying your family. There is nothing like the company of your own children. Your wife isnt the most successful person in the world, but shes your wife and you love her to death. You love your children and you know that theyre always going to love you. Why not enjoy that time with them too.

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