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Also, there are already two-and-a-half miles of road through Lake Michigan to be paved, to avoid anyone having to drive. Drake: Why the hell are you flying down there. Ve already done all this stuff before. Ve been giving me lots of money. Ve already got people following me and watching my every move. M not exactly a guy to just keep secrets. Re probably just a fucking paranoid schizophrenic.

In my case, I had no choice but own my-own location. You walk down the street, and you dont see any other options, so you head to some other buildings you arent too familiar with. These buildings have their positives and negatives, but in some cases, its the only way to get a location like this. You finally get a location that, according to the street number, is right near downtown Richmond. A brand-new building with a green roof, its the only one with a parking spot youre interested in. You dont know where your new address is, but you have no doubt that youre going to have to change it every now and then. The new building is the one you were going to use as your new residence, so you quickly go inside. The reception was a bit slow, and youd almost rather have your new building and get going, but as you dont have any more money, youre having to settle for a smaller apartment. A girl with a black hoodie, gray jeans and black leather boots approaches you, and you immediately take note of the fact that shes also carrying a black revolver, but she doesnt seem like the type whod get into a shootout. After shaking your hand firmly, your gaze goes towards your surroundings.

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