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The-then-of-all the-propositions which could possibly-become-a party-proposition. Karthik, aged 71, was last seen alive in 1983, after which he was never heard from again by anyone. He had been living on the remote island inhabited by a couple of dozen people in the Indian Ocean for all those years, living on a small boat made of wood. But after six years of living on an island with no running water, electricity or even a toilet he took his own life, leaving instructions for his girlfriend to send a letter to his family telling them what had happened. His brother-in-law was the last person to see him on the island, but when he returned to the island to prepare something for dinner it was found that he had hanged himself, local police officer John Thomas said. He had left instructions to send the islands chief on his way on his return. The island, called Terschelling in the local language, lies off the Indonesian island of Java, and was first discovered in 1976 by a small boat captain, Mr Thomas added. However, as the inhabitants of the island have not established any sort of written or other form of communication, there has been no word of Karthiks death, he said. A local doctor, Mr Thomas said the chief of the island found Karthiks body on Saturday morning and immediately called for help, with more than a dozen villagers mobilised to assist the officer. The policeman said he did not suspect foul play as the chief found Karthiks body in his house and decided to leave immediately after finding him. He said the chief told him the chief was in a state of shock and could not talk about the incident at the moment, but was sure about one thing. There was no sign of foul play, Mr Thomas said. The police have not yet announced when the body of Karthik will be embalmed or identified. For all the latest World News, download Indian Express AppIn an email titled Questions, the former director of the National Endowment for the Humanities, Dr. Carolyn Baker, was asking questions to the president of the Humanist Society of the University of Virginia.

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