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Well, she certainly wasnt the only one to have a nose job and fillers.

I remember being so excited to see The Rock, and then his face turned into a pale, ghostly mask of flesh. I remember reading the tabloids a few years ago, with their fascination with the most unusual cases of plastic surgery. The faces of some celebrities were literally reformed. They had been ugly from birth, and had been given a few extra years to stretch their faces outward, and some very expensive and exotic medical procedures were called for. The results were incredible, and the public were in awe. But then it occurred to me, this is why I dont want to be anywhere near those celebrities. Their plastic surgeries were all fake, and the results were never going to be good. Id rather be on the other side, and see the transformation of someone who was once ugly, but then had the good fortune to be born in a country where plastic surgery was not practiced to the degree it is in the West. So here I am, the last of the old school Hollywood celebrities, or former celebrities, depending on your viewpoint, and I must say that I think youre too much of a pussy to be nominated. I mean, theres no way theyd even allow you, let alone Brad Pitt. And Im not talking about his sexcapades either, but the kind of plastic surgery that can only be earned from the sweat of a working body. The Rock is a professional bodybuilder, and Brad Pitt is not only a former bodybuilder, but he is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. I dont know what they had to do, but they had to be very, very good at their craft. And then you had Jennifer Aniston, who for the past 20 years has been a TV actress, she must have spent millions of dollars to look like someone youd see on a poster or in a photograph, rather than as a real person. I would have called attention to the defects many times over, and probably more than you did, because I was as fascinated by your face as you were by mine. Your face had evolved into something else, like the evolution of a beautiful butterfly from an ugly caterpillar. I knew I must be doing something right, because you, after looking just like me, were now transforming into something else. You were evolving, but in a direction you never expected, to a completely other world. It did not surprise me to find that you were changing in some strange way, because I have seen the changes on other faces of beautiful people. I saw you change too, and I dont know what to think. And I dont think Im alone in my concerns. Youre not getting nominated for anything, you say.

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celebrities with bad plastic surgery