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Here, in each line, are just a smidge of the celebrity donors. Remember, celebrities donations of cash are not always equal to their generosity of time. So, please, consider donating to these celebrities. After all, this is how we prove to the rest of the world that you are a compassionate people. After all, this is how you show that the world is not the evil conspiracy that the elite would have you believe. After all, this is how you prove that you are indeed the kindhearted and loving people that you claim to be. Creates a small black cloud with a purple hexagram drawn over it. You also cast a bolt of lightning at it, which flies out of the air and hits the ground at the opposite location of the hexagram. It looks like the hexagram has been struck and the cloud dissipated. You also start to feel a slight tingling sensation all across your body and your skin is starting to burn. You resist and get away from this hexagramAlthough you dont have much to lose, you are very tired and it is very dangerous to go through with this attack. You cant let the evil spirits in the hexagram get you. Not only that, but you dont want to risk it by risking that the lightning bolt wont hit the ground. You are very tired and your heart beat starts to pick up, it is about to become a serious issue if you arent careful. You quickly get your bag out of the kitchen and walk away from where this hexagram was placed and as quickly as possible. After taking the rest of your stuff in your backpack, you quickly run out of the house. You can hear the sound of your water jugs in the kitchen, your mom is probably home. You quickly start to run up the stairs with full speed. You need to get as far away from here as you can. You can hear the sounds of your moms car racing down the road as you are almost out of the backyard, your mom is probably soon to catch you. You can hear the sounds of the front door open and close, you will be caught and you will be a good girl and not ask for anything. You have to run fast as you can and not look back so you dont hear the sounds of your mothers car as it zooms past you. The evil spirits will take you no matter how hard you try to escape. You just have to get out of here as fast as possible. You try to fight the evil spirit in your heart, but you are unable to, you just can.

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