But most ESFJs bring harmony to everyone around them…

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The first one you can consider is: You ESFJNot bad, you like all this. You can see why the Consul considers you perfect. Even if you do say so yourself. Still, while youre happy with your choice, it might just be better if you were not a citizen of The Empire right now. Youve got enough enemies, and a chance of actually accomplishing something now, and even if that doesnt happen, the hatred of the rabble is bound to turn ugly before you even get anywhere with the project. Youre going to be spending a lot of time in the underground, and the more people that hate you, the less likely you are to be able to do anything. The big difference is that youre going to be a citizen of this world, not The Empire. The Federation is a very peaceful place, and while there is conflict here and there, it is very rare. Most of the time, there is a balance, and The Empire is happy to see such a balance. The other interesting thing about The Federation are their citizens. They tend to be a lot nicer than the Empire citizens. Your job will be to work with them, and try to make the citizens of the Federation happy. You figure it will be interesting to see what you can accomplish, not to mention less dangerous that way. The more you think about it, the less likely you are to be able to accomplish anything there. At least not as dangerous, and you should be able to do a lot more than what youre doing for the Empire. The Federation is a lot less bureaucratic, and will be more likely to let you get on with what you have to do since they dont have to deal with your kind of crap. However, while it is a little quieter there than there, it isnt entirely peaceful either. Every once in a while youre going to have to get out of the area and deal with troublemakers, and it could easily be your job. The Federation also has more entertainment available, though perhaps less popular than the music and movies available to you. It has been known to host some other special events, but you really have no idea what might be coming up with such a plan. Thats what youre going to have to think about, because this is now the time to decide. Your next decision is, which of the two worlds will you be a citizen of.

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