But in reality, celebrities are just like everyone else…

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With numerous images and pictures of celebrities present, you will have no doubt to have a better time then. Youll be enjoying this for the rest of your life and your time will never come. Your parents arrive, and in between talking, your mom notices your face. The two of them are silent, for a while, before your mom shrugs. We dont usually ask what concerns the youth. But I suppose if you dont want to be famous, you dont have to come with us. They agree to follow you, and the two of you leave the house. The night of the big eventThe drive to the mall is fairly uneventful. You pull into the parking space nearest the entrance and the two of you head inside the store. The mall is a lot bigger than it looked from outside, with a few smaller stores on the ground floor and the actual mall as an elevated section just before the escalators. There are a lot of people inside though, some of them in costumes and some of them dressed, but in really silly and impractical clothing. There are also many people shopping and eating, and the air smells of cheap chocolate and burgers, not to mention the smells of cigarettes, perfume and cigarettes. Even without the crowds, the place feels a little noisy, but the two of you still seem to have a good chance of success given the crowd. Soon you reach your destination: a large, brightly lit clothing store with neon signs advertising everything from fake breasts to swimsuits. Theres a couple of men behind counters that are currently occupied by a group of three teenage girls. A sign on the wall tells you that there are currently 1,400 men and women in line to buy something from this clothing store. The pair of you head to the front of the line and wait patiently. You and your Mom at the front of the lineYour mom is already there; you can see the look of excitement on her face. I dunno; she was at the mall yesterday trying on clothes and she said this one outfit looked really cute on me. The three teenage girls behind the clothing counter look around apprehensively, as if they could tell whats about to happen, but then the girl in front of you slowly begins to move her body towards the counter and her arms and shoulders begin to brush up against yours. While she doesnt grab your breasts directly, she does grab your hands and your shoulders a little.

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bad pictures of celebrities