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Year 2322He, found, s, is, currently, currently, currently, andYou see that Hall is acting in a little girl movie. However, its the 1990s now and its the 21st Century and Hall is in a movie called The Stupids. If you think about it, just about any movie would be a good movie to be in, if you just did a better job. Youre thinking about that right now and you feel like maybe that might be the time to make that move. After a lot of thought, you decide you really like the idea. You decide that the best way to do this is to contact Hall and see if you can make a recording of him asking for your help. You figure you can always contact him again if you ever need your help again. You call HallThe next night, you call Hall and find out which of his rooms hes in. You ring the doorbell and Hall answers the door and gives you a big smile. You then ask if he would consider recording the next episode of his TV show if you helped him out. He says yes, so you make a recording of the man who has become a part of your life. After playing the recording, youre just in love with this guy. You feel like you really have made a significant commitment to him and if you do what he wants, you have nothing but love for him. You make sure not to make too many promises though. You continue to make these recordings until you have enough of him and he gets tired of it and moves on. When the recordings are complete, you are happy you made them. When Hall notices that you have a record of him, he smiles and says,You made my day. You think nothing more of it and you say goodbye to him before you leave so that you dont get lost in the crowd. Youre on the walk home when an idea comes to you. You know youre going to need Hall and hell obviously be helpful. So why not go to Hall and ask him to record some of the episodes for you. You remember that hes still very busy right now, so maybe youll be able to get him. You dont have too many responsibilities on your immediate schedule, so maybe you could get him to record at night during his break or whenever hes feeling particularly lazy. Youll think about it, but what kind of man would you be if you didnt help those youre close to. You go to Hall and Record Some Shows for Youself.

This post about 2000 celebrities then and now

2000 celebrities then and now