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I think you are the only one who can get this done, right. The European Commission is set to propose that the UK should leave the EUs customs union and join the World Trade Organisation. This recommendation is a rejection of the Governments argument that staying in the customs union is in the national interest. The recommendation by the EU institutions follows a meeting last June, at which the UKs European partners voted 56 to 44 in favour of the new customs union. UK Prime Minister David Cameron has accused the EU of trying to bully the UK after Brussels rejected his push to stay in the customs union. The UKs European allies have rejected the UKs claims that staying in the customs union would be in the national security interest because it would enable the UK to control its own borders against the threat of immigration from other EU member states. The proposals to leave the customs union have already been approved by the EU executive Commission, but will now be discussed by EU governments at a summit in December. The EUs directorates-general for industry, research and energy and transport all want the UK to stay in the customs union. While the Commission is preparing an evaluation of this proposal, of the UK becoming a member of the World Trade Organization, it decided to also discuss whether the UK should stay in the customs union, said an EU official. Why the UK should leave the customs union, a European commission spokesman had said. The proposal comes as a surprise to ministers and the London Evening Standard has learned that there was no proper consultation with the UKs trade unions over the Governments plan to leave the EU customs union. Labour said it was shocked by the plans, which will see big business in a race to the bottom to cut tax and regulations. The plan is certain to cause huge economic upheaval across the UK. 10 billion annual loss to the civil service. A leaked European Commission document shows that the UK is set to be stripped of its EU passporting rights after Brexit. This means EU exporters will be able to sell goods manufactured in the UK without having to pass through the EUs tariffs. In a draft strategy paper on international trade and customs union membership, it warns this will increase the costs of UK exports and significantly increase the costs for UK importers. The UKs trade unions welcomed the EUs plan to end a privileged status for the City of London. Mike Penning, general secretary of the union Unison, said: The European Commission has also backed our call for the UK to end its privileged status as a tax haven and to.

Post about Celebrities who meditate

celebrities who meditate