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As the stars are dying and the planet is about to implode, and the music of the 80s is no more, who will live to tell the tale of how the 1990s went to fucking hell in a hand basket. Today I am going to introduce you to two such people. The first one is a man named James Van Der Beek and the second one is a woman named Madonna. Why I made them characters from the 90s is because they seemed to be the only two that could provide some sort of balance in the ongoing culture war between us nostalgic people and the new wave cultists that are hell bent on destroying what 90s brought us and making new millennium worse. Now as you will soon see they are very different in their personality and how they live their lives. You get a dogYeah, well I was going to get a dog anyway You get a carNo, I dont have the money You get a houseOh well I dont have as much money as you do You go with the cultistsWhy the hell are you choosing the cultists that are hell bent on destroying 90s culture, well lets see, youre already dead, who are you going to trust, the people that love the 90s, or the people that hate the 90s. You go with the people that love the 90sOh well yeah, I think Ill go with those folksA few months laterYou are in your car with Madonna. I cant believe this, Madonna, you should have gone with us with us, we could have saved all these people You sayI know, but after all those years of going along with what those people wanted, I just couldnt follow any more, I was so far gone I guess I was only interested in a quick money grabHow many people would it have taken to save us. I dont know, we might never even have had enough to get back to a place where we could afford to get out of the truck. We could have died, we were lucky to be alive. I have the idea now, we should make a movie, I know we could find people who will cooperate and give their lives for something. Well that could be expensiveWell let us make a budget, we will figure out the rest laterBut how come if we do this, we get killed. Because we would be a major risk to society and that would be the last thing we want, we should be remembered for our greatness and not this sad situation. A few months later, you have the idea to make a movie, but Madonna is still against it.

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