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But you are not a celebrity, you are a normal human being like me. You go to find that guy from school who is in your class. You do not want to miss something. You did not want to miss the show, so you went to the front row. As always, when the band began to play, the excitement in the spectators grew exponentially, not to mention in the actors. The actors continued to smile, they even waved at you, but this one seemed more excited than the rest. As you listened to the song and danced a little in the aisles of the theater, you got a bad feeling in your heart. You looked around in your local area and looked at the other people around you and saw very few individuals in this area, but you do not remember seeing any of them with a very strange feeling in their heart. You turned your head and saw the person who was talking with you was not one of them. It became clear that the guy in front row was the person you are sure about. You can not help but to feel uneasy about this fact. It is only when you turn your head again a moment later that you see the man who looks like a normal person. You do not know why you are feeling uneasy, this is not the feeling you had from looking around at all the people in line or even the people in front of you. You see that something is different in his eyes when he is concentrating on you. Just as in your dream a moment ago, you can not shake this feeling. You were right in what you saw a moment ago, this person was not normal. You try not to move and look around a little bit, but you do not get any answer. The show continued and you continued to look at the man you have a feeling about, but he did not acknowledge you. You did not see him looking at you either. You are not in a good mood and you are losing the battle with your fear. Then one of the most important thing that you have seen is how the man in front of you seemed to be listening to the music that the actors were singing. You did not know where to look for him and the theater was quite full. You tried to look around to find him, but the only people who seemed to be moving in this area were people who seem to be in your local area.

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