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Eventually you grow out those extra buttocks, as well as your other body parts and stop paying attention to your surroundings as you start to forget about butt movies altogether. Kylo Ren is sitting on top of a giant rock watching a bunch of Storm Troopers. S head and the last one is pointing his pistol at his head. Re a storm trooper no matter what they do to you, even if they have to chop your head off to do it. Kylo then reaches into his coat and pulls out two pistols. At first you wonder how he made it past the storm troopers without them realizing, but then you notice that one of the storm troopers is holding a laser rifle. Kylo is going to shoot the storm trooper, but the storm trooper is going to shoot back. This goes on for a bit longer, but eventually Kylo has to speak up. M not shooting you because I can. Now I suggest that you drop your guns. You storm troopers are under arrest for treason. Kylo then raises his hands and a bunch of purple light suddenly erupts from his hands. Kylo then turns around and fires a beam of light at the storm trooper.

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