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Dec 2017 9 Sep 2020 9 Sep 2020 17 Sep 2018 10 Mar 2018 27 Sep 2017 3 Mar 2021 -25 17 Death of a Salesman Venue toUp next from the musical section is a Broadway show. The first item Ive included as a show is the musical smash, Hamilton. This show has been such a huge hit with the American public and the press that its likely to reach the level of popularity of its creator Lin-Manuel Miranda. Youll notice theres no musical stars in the show. This is because the show has only been performed live a couple of times so so far. The first performance took place in March of this year at the Public Theater in NYC. The second performance will take place next Wednesday night at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in NYC. Both of these performances will give the show a chance to gain real life experience and fans as well. The next musical Id like to include is The Producers. This musical was a hit in London and is now on its way to New York. The Producers is a high stakes drama about the struggle between a group of ambitious men and a corrupt newspaper magnate to produce the biggest-selling play in the history of the world. This Broadway show stars Tony Award nominees Jason Schwartzman and Alec Baldwin. Since its first performance in New York in July of 2013, the show has sold out four times and the cast has been very popular. It also gets a special mention as the show is now coming to its end of its run on Broadway. The last performance will be on November 22nd at the Shubert Theatre. This is the last performance the show has scheduled for its run and we all want to see it succeed in the following years. The next musical I want to include is One Man, Two Guvnors. This musical was originally performed in London and was first released on Broadway. The show is about a man who discovers his father is dying and tries to help him out. Unfortunately, this is no easy task and the man has to deal with his own father, his wife, and a whole bunch of other family members. With a strong cast of British actors and a very large cast in the US, this show has already made a name for itself in the musical world. The show is also getting a major boost from winning several major awards this past year. This is the first award the show has won that doesnt even involve a musical. This musical is the biggest musical success in Broadway history. With each performance its popularity has grown larger and larger. Hamilton is a show about the birth of a country, the life of a young immigrant, the fight for freedom.

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