Britney Spears Posts Comforting Throwback to Mexico Vacation After Tragic Miscarriage

Over the weekend, Britney Spears and Sam Asghari shared the loss of their “miracle baby.”

Miscarriages, even very early, can be heartbreaking and even traumatic — especially considering how long they have waited.

However, the two are coping, at every step reminding themselves and others things are still okay.

Britney is seeking comfort by sharing a throwback from her vacation in Mexico. It’s good to find healthy ways to cope.

“Trying to be sexy running like Baywatch,” Britney captioned a throwback video.

“#TB to Mexico,” she labeled the post, in case anyone thought that she had embarked upon another vacation.

Britney has spread out her throwbacks, sharing several sets of photos and videos from her sunny getaway.

Britney appeared in a delightfully skimpy mint green bikini.

The barely-there swimwear required a few adjustments during the video.

Britney also ran along the beach topless, enjoying herself in the hot sun.

Some on social media expressed that they were puzzled by the cheerful throwback.

Why, they wondered, was she posting something so positive when she and Sam Asghari are mourning after the miscarriage?

It’s unclear what she should be posting — gifs of dark stormclouds or tearful selfies or nothing at all, since each of those would also receive criticism.

The reality is that grieving people tend to act in all sorts of ways, and even someone undone by loss can have normal moments.

Many families gather together to talk and laugh after a funeral, as a way of community healing.

Someone in mourning might watch movies, have sex, or keep up with normal hobbies — which is healthy, and can also help them to cope and process.

“We have felt your support,” Sam Asghari expressed on Monday, expressing his gratitude on social media.

“We are taking things positively and moving forward with our future,” he affirmed.

“It’s hard but we are not alone,” Sam wrote. “Thank you for respecting our privacy. We will be expanding our family soon.”

While it’s true that many people experience miscarriages without realizing it, we all understand that there is a difference when you knew and were anticipating giving birth.

This is why Britney and Sam have, in retrospect, admitted that they were premature in sharing the news with fans.

It is traditional to wait to tell people for many reasons, one of which being that a miscarriage means having to make a painful announcement to anyone who knew of the pregnancy.

For Sam and Britney, the tragedy was compounded.

The two have wanted a child for some time, but have spent the vast majority of their relationship during Britney’s conservatorship.

Only recently has Britney been given the legal power to make this kind of decision for herself.

We don’t mean to sound like one of those deranged political malefactors who goes on online rants about the “prime fertile years” fo women (always creepily young), but …

… At 40, any pregnancy of Britney’s will be a geriatric one, and her odds of conceiving naturally are lower than they were even just a few years ago.

So why didn’t she get pregnant at the time? Simple: she was physically unable to.

Britney had a UTI implanted in her uterus and was unable to have it removed for years. That is forced sterilization, and it is a human rights horror.

There is no denying that her dreams of having a child with Sam might have gone more smoothly just a couple of years ago.

Even so, we are rooting for them, and believe that they can have their happily ever after.

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