Britney Spears' 'Main Goal' With New Lawyer Is NOT To End Conservatorship

With all the big moves happening in Britney Spears‘ legal battle, the end of her conservatorship feels closer than ever. It just may not be the next step.

For the first time in years, we know exactly what Britney wants, in her own words. Thanks to her court testimony back in June, we have a list of objectives that the pop star wants taken care of: control over her reproductive choices, the ability to drive around alone with her boyfriend, being able to hire her own lawyer, getting rid of her dad’s legal hold, and of course, ending the conservatorship once and for all.

Thankfully, a major item has been checked off the list, which should help get the others done. On Wednesday, the court allowed her to hire former federal prosecutor Mathew Rosengart. A source for Us Weekly dished:

“She did her own research on her new lawyer but he also came highly, highly recommended by someone. She was thrilled with the scope of what he does. She’s looking forward to working closely with Mathew.”

Another insider for People agreed that “she’s really happy and excited that she has new representation,” saying:

“She feels like she’s finally heading towards ending this.”

But “ending this” isn’t the Lucky artist’s next step, believe it or not. Instead, the Us source indicated her “priority” is to “get rid of” her dad as the conservator of her estate. They revealed:

“She’s 100 percent about wanting to charge her father. That’s the next move. … She wants him gone, period.”

The People source concurred:

“That’s her main goal.”

It’s not a complete surprise to hear that the mother of two has her sights set on Jamie Spears first and foremost. For one thing, it will presumably be a lot easier to end the conservatorship with him out of the way. But removing him from power is also a deeply personal issue for Britney. At Wednesday’s hearing, she accused the court of “allowing my dad to ruin my life.” She declared:

“I want to get rid of my dad and charge him for conservatorship abuse. I want an investigation on my dad. I’m here to press charges … I’m angry, and I will go there.”

And in an encouraging sign, Rosengart has already begun his offensive against the Spears patriarch, confirming that his team “will be moving promptly and aggressively for removal.” While addressing the court, he reportedly questioned:

“I don’t know why Jamie Spears doesn’t resign today. He purports to love his daughter and his daughter has repeatedly asked him to step down. So I’m going to give him the opportunity right now to voluntarily resign. … Does anybody really believe Mr. Spears’s continued involvement is in the best interest of Britney Spears?”

But Jamie isn’t going down that easy: his lawyer reportedly stated “in no uncertain terms that they had no intentions of resigning” (per The Cut). Not so surprising that he’s clinging on, considering this is the guy who made a habit of yelling “I am Britney Spears.” We’ll ALL be popping bottles when they finally show him the door!

In the meantime, the Us source shared the singer is feeling “a tremendous amount of relief and ” after the “gigantic” win in court on Wednesday. They explained:

“It was a good day for her yesterday. She said, ‘I’m getting what I want, finally.’ She’s super relieved and happy. Let’s just say she had a good night’s sleep.”

The insider added:

“It’s heading in the direction she wants. … She’s very optimistic and very realistic.”

We’re so thrilled for Britney that changes are finally being made. We hope the next few months bring about even more positive results.

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