Bright lights, bling and a whole load of razzle dazzle – if theres …

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S a convention center called Las Vegas. S just more name for gambling or something. Before you can continue, you hear some noise and then the door opens. You quickly get dressed before any of this can get more embarrassing for the two of you. You walk to where you think the noise is coming from and see a man with a rifle pointed at you. M a reporterphotographer trying to get footage of the event, not be in the middle of a hostage situation. T you know it, a couple minutes ago I saw him looking at the basement door. S that much of a fan, a guy has to live on a regular basis with the knowledge that your ex had your ex and is likely to have your new one. Okay I can see where this is going, so are you going to shoot me right now or are you going to talk to me like a normal human being and not a potential murderer. So you want me to put you down like a rabid dog. The soldier on the right gets impatient now, and points his weapon at you. Goddamnit Suzy, are you just going to have yourself thrown in a cage like a rabid animal like some of those fucking movies everyone has seen. M not going to have you ruining my fun.

Information about Celebrities in vegas

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