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You got a way of making money and not getting in trouble. M not talking about a few dollars here and there. T say anything else; you just put your head down and sigh. Get the fuck up you fucking fucking imbecile. You feel like you have to explain a lot, but eventually you do. Re also talking about a lot of the other stuff like the drugs, the strippers, the whores and the sex. T have to work as hard to keep your body in tip-top condition.

T want to give a shit about and its all for the good of the music industry. S gone, you can finally get on with the important things in life. You need to get your mind right for the long term. You get up and walk over to the TV which remains on and plays the news again. It seems like there is no end to the trouble in the world. You take the remote off the TV and turn down the volume. You sit down at your table and turn on the TV again. It is filled with more violence, destruction and chaos than you have ever experienced in your entire life. You need to be strong for these two women who might very well lose their mother. You turn the TV off and sit back down at your table and begin to think about the future.

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