Bradley Cooper Looking Groovy On Set of Paul Thomas Anderson's New Film

Bradley Cooper‘s shaggy hair and garb sure give him that ’70s Hollywood hotshot look … and that’s great ’cause it’s the vibe he’s going for.

The “A Star is Born” director looked like a spitting image of the hairdresser-turned-movie mogul Jon Peters on the set of director Paul Thomas Anderson‘s new flick. He looked every bit the part …. thanks to a spot-on wig, beard, flowing white shirt and bellbottoms. Gotta admire the seashell necklace too.

Anderson’s new film — working title, “Soggy Bottom” — is set in the ’70s when Peters dated one Barbra Streisand. There’s an old pic of Peters and Streisand, and it’s a mirror image of Bradley’s getup.

Peters, of course, is a big deal … producer of “A Star is Born” … both the 1976 and 2018 versions. He’s also produced “Flashdance,” “The Color Purple,” “Rain Man” and “Tango & Cash,” to name just a few. BTW, Peters not long ago married Pamela Anderson. Never mind they split up 12 days later.

Anyway … production did one helluva job transforming Bradley into Peters, that’s for sure. Also, gotta give them props for adhering to strict COVID-19 guidelines.

Oh, one last thing … an eagle-eyed photog snapped away when model/actress Brigitte Nielsen happened to be riding her bike with her pooch not far behind sitting in a wagon as Bradley took a break at a gas station. Her Jon Peters connection? Brigitte’s ex, Sylvester Stallone, starred in “Tango & Cash.” Full circle, baby.

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