Brad PittBrad Pitt destroys Tinder hopes by admitting it just sounded funny …

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All right we got something for you. The phone rings before you can even say Who is it. We like your style on the dress, so were getting it. You turn the phone around and see the faceless man on the other end of the line. Well, I dont know a lot about dresses, but based on your voice it sounds like youre from a place in Europe where everyone dresses nicer than we do. So I figure you might be able to help us. The thing is, hes obviously been watching you pretty closely. You were really starting to come apart a bit even before he got on the phone. Just a lot of information I learned from our friends back in New York. Were not sure how these sorts of things work back home, so we wanted to have a little extra help from you. Now if youre willing to part with your dress, I think well be able to track down other like-minded individuals. Its not like I havent considered what youve told me. You dont know anything about me or what I look like, and youll only find out more if you keep this dress around. It may seem a little on the expensive side, but its gonna get you a lot closer to the lifestyle we all dream of. You keep the dressYou have no idea what this man is implying, but if you keep this dress, then youre going to be in a slightly different situation than you are now, and even if you arent, youve got enough money to start from scratch. You just dont want to make that choice. I have to admit, I dont know how you found out about this, but Im not giving it back to you. Now just go to your local Wal-Mart and ask them to call the guy who sells this type of dress. The screen turns off and the phone rings several times. You hang up, then answer it and press a button on the phone that lets it speak directly to you.

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