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We reveal what you can learn about from, how to create a Boston, hometown, in The GQ, March, 2015. Hitting the web on March 25, Boston Hometowns Are Wicked awesome. 3 billion cut to defense funds for the Air Force and Marine Corps. 3 billion cut to the Air Forces budget. 3 billion cut would represent a total of about 21 percent of the Air Forces annual budget, which would mark the first major cut since 2009 and one that Defense Secretary Ash Carter himself has indicated would happen. Defense spending is not the only way that Pentagon officials are requesting reductions. 5 billion more for national security related projects in future years, despite the Obama administrations promise of increased funding. 2 billion cut to the National Nuclear Security Administrations funding, which is the main source of nuclear security for the nation. The administration has called on Congress to fully fund NNSA. A White House defense budget memo released Tuesday noted that the United States spends more on defense than any other nation, and that to put it bluntly, we are the worlds strongest military power. The US military is the best, most capable fighting force on Earth, Earnest said Wednesday. We could never ask for a more competent and capable partner in the effort to contain and defeat ISIS. Earnest also defended Obamas announcement earlier this month of a new strategy for the Syrian civil war, saying it would address key gaps in the US national security strategy, but wouldnt seek to topple Syrian President Bashar Assad. In a speech Tuesday in which he outlined his defense strategy in Syria, Obama vowed to redouble efforts to train and equip moderate Syrian rebels to oppose the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, and said airstrikes against Islamic State targets inside Syria would become a priority. After the speech, Earnest said that Obama has been frustrated with President Bashar al-Assad.

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