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Your vote: Celebrities by Doodles, 1 vote, A Russian court has formally found a man guilty of being a foreign agent for helping to assassinate Russias then-President and serving as a top aide to his successor. The court also sentenced Mikhail Trepashkin to 14 years imprisonment in Moscows notorious Heraklion prison. Trepashkin was detained in 2009 while meeting with his associate Sergey Chemezov in Moscow and later accused of being part of a conspiracy to kill President Vladimir Putin in 2007, with Chemezov also detained. The conspiracy claims were based around a conversation in which Trepashkin allegedly admitted to helping Chemezov arrange the killing of Putin. After his arrest, Trepashkin initially denied any knowledge of plans for an assassination and claimed the conversation in question had been recorded by the FSB. He eventually admitted the charges after being pressured by Putin himself, who said the Kremlin was ready to take action over the case. The former Russian intelligence official later admitted his role in the murder and said he took over the job after his boss was killed. In a separate case, the head of Russias Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, was also convicted of conspiracy in connection with the case. A spokesman for the prosecutor generals office said in a statement: The court found him guilty of being part of a conspiracy to murder public servants. He was also found guilty of participating in a terrorist group. The verdict was delivered in Moscows Basmanny district court, an area known for its strong pro-Kremlin political atmosphere. The court said in its statement that the two men were members of an illegal organization that called itself Dokuchaevs Circle. Their trial lasted only two days and focused on the details of their actions. It said Trepashkin, a former official of the Federal Security Service, was in the process of becoming a leader in the organized crime to a very significant degree. The court said his role in the murder of Putin had been proven through direct evidence and circumstantial evidence. As for Chemezov, the court convicted him of being an organizer of a terrorist group and a participant in a terrorist act. The court said that in January 2007, Trepashkin contacted Chemezovs friend, Aleksey Bystro, and said that they should contact Bystros acquaintance Andrey Kondaurov, the latter of whom was a member of the so-called FSBs Federal Security Service. When Kondaurov arrived in Moscow two days later, Trepashkin said he had found out that a group of people had already prepared a plan to kill Putin, the court said.

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