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Its easy to say, Oh, Im not a celebrity, and the first thing you may say is, Is that really true. Thats why there are so many ways to do it. Here are four of the best ways to go celebrity-crazy and get a personalized video message from your favorite celebrities. Have a video chat with themA video chat is a phone call that works like a video chat, except the other person cant see the caller. You can get a video chat from anybody. You can make a video call to a celebrity if youd like, it wont cost you anything, but this is the best way to get the message you want to get. If you want to see their reaction, try having a video chat before the message comes in. If the person youre calling seems excited to hear your message, theyre probably going to answer. Have a personal video messageYou can also just put a video message on the answering machine of the phone you use. You dont have to go through any of the hoops that are required to do this on YouTube or to do a video chat, but its the easiest. Skype is a video messaging service, so you can send video messages to your friends and family members. The good news is that Skype is free for everyone as well. You can find the Skype website here. You can do this over the phone or Skype. Send them a text message saying, Do you want a video message with me. If you cant have a video chat or video conferencing, theres another method. If you put the video message or text message you want to get on your answering machine and leave a message for them, the person will call you back. In addition, you can text them on their smartphone or tablet and ask them if they want to text their friends and family members. Most people take a moment to read the message, think about it, and decide whether they want to do it. Give them a callWhile video conferencing and Skype are the most popular ways to get a personalized video message from your favorite celebrities, there are other methods as well. You can call them on the phone and ask them if they would like to answer your question. If they say yes, they will answer the question live on TV. It could be anything, from their career, to their family, to a personal concern or question. If youre interested in seeing them live, you can find out where to go to find out whats going on during the interview, or just ask for the question.

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