Body aches Fern Britton shares update on health woes amid grim bed-ridden Covid battle

Fern Britton on ‘bouncing back’ from ‘tough couple of years’

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Fern Britton, 64, regularly takes to Twitter to share her daily shenanigans with her fans, with the former This Morning presenter sharing an update on her recent health woes. The TV personality revealed she had been “lapping up” sympathy after testing positive for Covid, as she now has “full body-aches”.

Today my body aches from the waist down!

Fern Britton

Fern took to Twitter at the weekend to reveal she had tested positive for Covid-19, after testing negative the day before.

The former This Morning presenter took to Twitter today to update her fans on her symptoms.

She wrote in view of her 115,100 followers: “Good afternoon covid chums.

“How are you? Today my body aches from the waist down and shoulders up. You?”

Many social media users rushed to the comments to share their Covid stories and wish the presenter well.

K8_fletch said: “My symptoms started 24hrs ago. Sore throat, awful headache and body aches.

“No positive result yet. Is this normal?!?”

Cherylbayes1 added: “Mine too Fern. Hope you feel better soon!”

Camilla12 commented: “Hope this afternoon finds you a little better, in the middle of it at least.

“One week later and I’m much better but still have a very sore throat.”

This comes after Fern took to Twitter at the weekend to share a picture of her positive Covid tests.

She captioned the post: “So last night’s test was negative… but now!”

Fern was met with tons of support in the posts comments as they shared their own Covid stories.

Michell39495549 said: “Rest up hun! I tested positive two weeks ago and ended up losing my hearing!”

Felicit12514259 added: “I hope you’re not too bad. Is there someone near to help?”

Fern replied: “Thank you. My lovely daughters are mother henning.”

EmmaaitkenF1 commented: “Welcome to the club! When I saw your first tweet earlier about the night nurse I did wonder. Rest well xx.”

In response to all the support, Fern tweeted: “You are all so lovely! Lapping up the sympathy!

“Sending love to everyone who is suffering. Back to bed xxxxxxxxxx.”

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