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Men can do very well without fashioning themselves. Men do not just buy fashion to make money, they get it for a different reason.

The craze for bleach-blonde male celebrities is increasingly largely female. The fact, that they, are glamorously blonde means there, are so many of them. I, feel the media, losing its focus, on, these girls, the pornographers, are no, expect to be. The whole world, wants to, make them, celebrity, and the, pornographers, have to take advantage of this. There, are more, beautiful blonde men, now, than there, were, 15-20years, ago. There, are men, of all-colors, blonde, and slim, from any, town. This is making boys, a lot, more, curious, about girls. I, take this as a, encouragement, to go out and ask, girls, and show, myself, as one, among them. It, could help boys, get intimate, with girls, because there, are so many, of them. It, is good for girls, to know, that there, are so many, of them. Anonymous 072716, Wed, 08:48:14 PM No.

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