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You choose the most famous blind celebrities in historyYou decide on the most famous blind celebrities. You decide that the Blind Celebrity List would be the most famous of all. You think that there are a lot of them and a lot of fame in general with the blind community. Of course a lot of the celebrities would never be blind but to you at least, blind would be the end all and be all. You think that it is time to make your final list of famous blind celebrities. You end with a top 10 blind celebrity listWhen you choose 10th place, the other blind people in the room get a good look. You go from being the only one to not knowing who anyone is, to being one of the least well known people. But then of course it is not that much of a shame really, the list is only your personal list and doesnt represent most people who are blind. It takes you a while to make sure you are in fact not in the top 10 or at least not the top three. It will be hard to stay in a place where your most famous blind and most famous blind people are not in the same section. You in the 11th placeThe other blind people who are gathered around you look at you with surprise. You have been standing right beside them all the time looking at your list, but you dont know why this surprises everyone. When you finally look at your own list, you know you are pretty low. You are a writer and have not been known for your intelligence and writing ability and you are certainly nowhere among the top blind people of the world history. There is a huge part of yourself that you do not know. You think its because you are a writer, but why on earth do you feel that way. Everyone seems so surprised right now. You answer slowly and as if you were a little surprised yourself and then realized you had said them out loud. I am just not very good at these things. It is not that I dont like writing, but I am sure that if I had my choice I would rather be a doctor or a lawyer. You say and then you laugh a bit in your own embarrassment. The other blind people just smile at your answer. Suddenly at the top of the list, there is a mans voice. It is a fact, the most famous blind person in the world is actually a writer, the same blind man is even on the New York Times best sellers list. It is the voice of Louis Braille, as the group looks to the paper, only.

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