Black Celebrity Luciferians Part 1: The Indoctrination of their followers…

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Re going to have to make a serious effort to keep down the caffeine. Ll go back to your office for more work, and you go to your computer and work. S still being held against her will. Ve been meaning to speak to you too. You say, before turning your computer off and heading off to your bathroom. But for now though, all I can tell you is that you really can relax about things if you stay in your trailer.

Exhale, In a quiet voice, she says: You may join. You say Im not interested in joining the cultYou dont want to go. You the next dayIts still dark when you wake. As you get dressed, you cant find your apartment. You look for the elevator, but no elevator. You look for the street number, but no street. You remember seeing a building on the phone, but its gone now. You look for the name, but you arent sure what building it is. Finally, you reach your apartments door. You open it and find your door to be ajar. Now, the only thing you see are dark hallways. You continueSomething about the way the dark hallways bend around a pointy mountain that you dont recognize, the way every step seems to lead somewhere else, reminds you of something. How long you were lost in the dark you cant say. The only common factor between the darkness you were in and the darkness youre in now is the absence of light. You remember the moon during your time in your mothers womb, when you were too young to understand why it was there at all. When your eyes are not yet open to the universe; when they are too young to understand the meaning of day and night. When your own life begins and ends too quickly. The absence of moonlight that you find yourself in when you look up at the sky is so powerful that it overwhelms all other sensations and makes you forget everything else. The silence is everywhere and it is not in your head, it is in the silence, it is like a river that you cannot see, but can feel as a presence.

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black celebrities exposed