Black celebrities who support donald trump

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A few days after you posted that post, you saw that your inbox was filled with messages from people expressing similar sentiments you did. A couple of hours ago, you heard the doorbell ring. You werent expecting anyone to knock on your door. There really arent any other members of your household that do this, so you made sure to set the alarm. When you opened the door, you werent surprised to see an older man. He was dressed in a business suit and looking professionally professional. He was also, without a doubt, the most intimidating voice youve ever heard. Well, John, I live in this house because my family does. Im also very, very concerned about the election as of late. I mean, are we really going down this slippery slope. Do we really want to be ruled by a fascist whos going to do terrible things to people because he doesnt like those peoples beliefs. Johns eyebrows arched as if he was surprised at your statement. I mean John, weve had other candidates. And its not even like she wasnt a little extreme in her views. The first time around, we had Jesse Jackson. And the second time around, we had Al Sharpton. These guys bring a certain type of joy to peoples lives. Its not just black and white, or a man God love them. I mean I really thought everything was going to be different. I think youre going to like what Im going to do as president. Maybe not immediately, but Im gonna get there, and soon. And I wont have people running my White House who dont want to do a good job. They will get the hell out, if they really want out, because I will have the army out here in their backyard, and we wont stop till they like it there. So, you ready to get to know one another. Im gonna ask you a couple of questions, and if youre up for making new friends, by all means, answer.

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black celebrities who support donald trump