Black celebrities who died recently

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I, the, the; You remember the starsThe most recent star to die is Juicy. His friend said he collapsed on a sofa while watching television. He had recently begun appearing in videos on YouTube. He made his first video about two months before his death. The YouTube channel of Juicy features his songs, some of which have been shared tens of thousands of times. Some of the songs appeared on his 2011 debut album, Rodeo, his second album would be released that same year, and one on his second album, I Dont Know. The song of Juicys first album, Rodeo, was filmed in his hometown of Chicago. His second album, I Dont Know, was filmed in his hometown of Detroit. He was popular in the rap community and among African American fans. I knew Juicy because I listened to one of his songs, I Dont Know. He wrote and produced most of the songs, and I played some of the drums on one of his songs. The two artists are not only good friends, but also very talented. The most recent death at the Chicago airport was Saved by the Bells Saved by the Bell. Darryl Francis, 23, was a star on the popular TV show, which ended its eight-year run last year. I was born and grew up in the city, where I have lived all my life. As a young girl, I watched Saved By The Bell from the back of the bus, listening to the show with my mother on a cassette player. The show is an allegory for whats happening in America today, and its stars are very much aware of that. At the same time, Saved By The Bell has become a symbol for the problems with the culture in our schools today. It was criticized for being old-fashioned and not offering anything new to young people. As I drove home from school, I saw a bunch of people waiting on the sidewalk in front of my house to pay tribute to Darryl Francis. Most of them were Black teenage girls wearing purple dresses. The girls gave Francis a big hug saying he was one of their own. That is the kind of message you want to send to teenagers in an era when our young people are being forced to abandon the values of our ancestors. Some of the teenagers on the sidewalk were smiling while the others were grim-faced. Most of them walked away without saying anything to a reporter. I think some of them were happy to be able to show their appreciation of such a popular White kid, but there were no words to condemn his behavior.

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black celebrities who died recently