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You agree to do a segment on Famous Black WomenIll do it. You grab your camera and start shooting the first woman who catches your eye: a voluptuous, dark-skinned model with big breasts. You take your camera and move closer. Hey, thats beautiful, you say and zoom in on her breasts. Youre not going to do a segment with me, are you. If this is going to go on for any amount of time, Im just going to make sure that Im getting the very best out of these models, especially if Im going to be filming them for more than a couple of days. You continueWell then you might as well go with a model who is already well-known, you say. Youre shooting a segment with a few models and before you know it, youre shooting with an all-black cast. This is going to be tough, but youre up for the challenge and so are these black models. One black woman catches your eye and you realize that youre going to have to get closer to a few of these women. Hey, I have to go back to my trailer, she says and you zoom out to see that shes actually leaving the set. Youre trying to get a little closer to these women, but unfortunately, most of them arent making eye contact with you. Well I cant help you with that because I havent ever seen you before. She says and suddenly begins to get flirty and starts touching your arm. Im just excited that Im getting close to a bunch of beautiful models. Im done here, the woman says and gets up from the chair. You feel your stomach flip-flop to the side when youre faced with this one woman. This one woman was the first woman that you saw.

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