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The first few names have their flaws- the last one is somewhat of a stretch- but at least it sounds like theyre Catholic. You name the names in the order of your favorite moviesLet me think. The movies with most hits are Titanic and The Lion King, then it becomes a bit of a mess- so much so that you start to get a headache. Oh man, Im doing a lot of research when I should be writing. You name the celebrities in the order of your favorite moviesYou think for a moment-That is a pretty vague order. EYou list every movie you find, before you can stop yourself, and your hand slowly reaches for the last one-All That Jazz, by Frank Sinatra. The line from the movie that immediately comes to mind is when the title character talks about the movie theater, and then you hear what might be his last words: Ive seen everything on the list. Whats the one movie youve never seen. The Ten Commandments, you reply, almost immediately. You name the one movie that hasnt been discussed yetThe Ten Commandments is the movie that isnt mentioned on the list. You do not watch itYou are not watching any movie. You do not read the movie You do not read the movie so you cant explain why you are not watching it. You name the movie The Ten CommandmentsThe first thought that comes to your mind is, But wait- isnt this a Catholic movie. The movie does sound vaguely interesting, but you have no idea why you are being asked. The Ten Commandments, you try again, trying to be as vague as possible.

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