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It seems like every minute of every day is a different celebrity that you could be associated with. No, you cant be associated with them all. The Hermes Birkin is a fantastic bag, and you will be the first to know of its existence, you say. Hmm, yes, we would be happy to hear of its development and success, the woman replies. You have to meet with the designer and find out all about it first. We shouldnt find out too much else until after our deal is done with him, though. Okay, we will make sure to keep you informed. You will be busy for awhile and you should rest. Sensing that you are getting impatient, you say, Fine, Im getting the fuck out of here. The woman stares at you blankly, but she does say, As soon as the designer is ready to meet with you. The woman looks like a little girl when a naughty uncle says hes going to make her a deal and doesnt listen to reason. Fine, the woman replies, but you need.

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birkin bag celebrities