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If you havent heard of her, then I suggest you listen to her music. To -1 sent 4 hours ago A film with a female lead. You have already got her number, you cant wait to meet. Im sure I have some old pictures of you from high school. You know, when you were a model, or something. I remember every detail of your life back then. You used to be the most popular girl in school, or most popular, whatever, and you used to get into a lot of drunken fights, but I liked you anyway since you were a down to earth girl who worked hard to put yourself in good positions. Anyway, Im sure you didnt forget about me, but how about something more interesting. From -1 2 I was under the impression that you were a film critic. S definitely a lot of film based buzz around the movie, so I assume it has to be one of those. Not that I have any interest in Chinese films, or any film really, but I do enjoy movies that are visually innovative or stylistically interesting, so I suppose it could be one of those. T really look when I grew up, but I went to an American private school that was pretty exclusive so I guess the teachers kept me mostly in my own group. To -2 2 I bet people kept me in my own clique. Do you want to meet first thing when I come back or do you want to do it after I leave. No pressure, but I mean a lot is riding on that meeting. To -1 1 You should wait for me to come back. To -3 2 Yeah, a lot is riding on this too. Ll meet you when you get here. To -3 2 Wait, I gotta come with you too.

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