Billie Piper breaks silence on dramatic collapse and being rescued by Kylie’s now fiancé

Billie Piper says famous people are often ‘very damaged’

The year was 2000 when 17-years-old actress Billie Piper was “resuced” by Kylie Minogue’s now fiancé Paul Solomons, when she “dramatically” passed out in Bar 38 in London’s Covent Garden. At the time, a recurrence of a kidney infection was blamed as the course of her collapse and the singer has a branded it her “dramatic turn”, at a point in her life where she was fuelled off Diet Cokes, Marlboro Lights and was suffering from an active eating disorder.

He’s Welsh, works at GQ and will, in time, become a dear friend, a blinding success and Kylie Minogue’s fiancé

Billie Piper

Recalling the incident Billie, now 38, was bowled over when she found out the person who carried her outside was none other than the Australian superstar’s husband-to-be.

In a recent interview, she looked back on that fateful night and how he became her hero.

“I passed out in a Covent Garden club ‘foaming at the mouth’, apparently, but I have no reason to believe that,” she shrugged, referring to the eyewitnesses as “a bit inflammatory and hysterical”.

After waking up in hospital her PR rang to fill in some gaps about what happened the night before.

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“I’d been carried out of the club by a man, apparently. A hero or a pest?” she remembered wondering.

“It’s always hard to tell. Later, I’d find out his name is Paul, like my dad.

“He’s Welsh, works at GQ and will, in time, become a dear friend, a blinding success and Kylie Minogue’s fiancé. Hero, not pest. Kylie knows.”

The Ozzy singer previously revealed that she and the creative director met at the “right time” after being linked since 2018.

But while Billie thought back to that time, which was hugely covered by the press, it brought back bad memories for the songstress.

“My ‘dramatic turn’ – as I liked to call it – was a result of days of Diet Cokes and Marlboro Lights fuelling a very active eating disorder, cystitis that crept up my back and into my kidneys, a goblet of sweet white wine and a mind and body dissociation that I feared for the very first time,” she told ELLE magazine.

“Following that sojourn in hospital, my mother dragged me to a local therapist.”

She admitted that she was “offended” by some of the questions asked to her during that session, one of which insinuated she wanted to be a boy.

“I took immediate offence when the therapist asked me if my not eating was because I wanted to be a boy,” Billie confessed.

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The I Hate Suzie star continued: “I left. I think about that comment a lot. Maybe I did want to be a boy. Maybe we all did on some level.

“Or maybe she was s**t at her job. In any case, that was the end of therapy for me. Until I was 34.”

Now in a happy relationship and the mother of three children, Billie explains she’s still working on her mental health.

Billie’s full interview is available to read now ELLE UK [ELLE UK/ CHLOE MALLETT]

“Therapy does not change who you are,” she said.

“My inner workaholic is still there. So is that white noise at 3am.

“Working on my mental health is about awareness. Being aware when I’m behaving in a certain way or being overly critical of myself or living for someone else. The change is awareness. I wish it could be more fantastical than that, but the reality is that it just isn’t.”

She added: “All the therapy in the world, all that money spent, and I’m still drawn into behaviours I wish I’d been cured of – but I don’t think I ever will be and that’s OK.”

Billie’s full interview is available to read now in the March issue of ELLE UK, which is on sale from 04 February 2021.

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