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Are you going to tell me your name sir. S the tiniest little thing my tiny little feet have ever touched. Re actually just a couple of toes above my big toe. T been born with those big clumsy toes. D better believe you had to grow them. Ve grown them a little at a time actually. T have any family, but I have relatives I do have. You probably know them, and you probably know them better than I do. My parents and sisters and brothers all live with me since they all live in the same house. You take a few deep breathes before continuing to speak. Okay, my parents are deceased, living my own little life in a small isolated village on the coast of a lake called Jhagol. My sisters are the twins you met at the beginning of the day, and the little girl you saw with you when you were riding in your carriage earlier today. They live in the nearby village called Taluvi.

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big nose celebrities