Beyonc announced her pregnancy via Instagram on February 1…

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The ladies are very happy with their current lifestyles, which you are very happy about your. You cant wait to start a family with Kate. What else do you want us to do. Re just here to celebrate your amazing accomplishment. You and Beyonce are just here to celebrate her baby bump. Re here for other reasons too, but that sort of stuff is not their job. Well I was just getting to know you and then this happened and things got a little complicated. Beyonce remarks and suddenly she goes into a full on dance number. Aw Cyndi, I just needed a little excitement in my life and this was the best way. I was trying to dance and you were taking up too much time. You say with a touch of sarcasm in your voice. Well maybe if you had just stopped with the dancing and just listened and obeyed me instead. T stop acting like a brat, I will have to take some sort of action. You were respectful and you did NOT stop dancing.

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pregnant celebrities due 2017