Bethany Joy Lenz was born in Hollywood Florida, an only …

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You go to the moviesThe movie was called Les Miserables. But she was also looking at you with an intense gaze that told you that whatever you were looking at, she didnt like you looking at. This was just about the scariest thing you had ever done. I have been friends with you since second grade. We have a beautiful relationship and we are best friends. Ive seen you grow up, and I know you. No I AM your girlfriend and I am not a slut. I am not just a friend that you hang out with. I am a friend that has been with you all my life. I even went to the police station with you when you were arrested for assault after we learned that your boyfriend beat your sister with a baseball bat. So what makes you think I would ever cheat on you. You had a lot of love for her,Then came the moment where you saw what she was thinking. You say If you think I had a boyfriend, well youd know more than me. So what made you think I had a boyfriend. I mean I had no reason to think you had one. You know what the last name was of your boyfriend.

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